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Insights: Studies and Reports

The virtual library for presenters of the performing arts

Studies     ~     Reports

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A treasury of essential publications to broaden your knowledge of the performing arts in both Canada and abroad.

This guide is not exhaustive and is continually updated.

Professional development studies and reports

Presenters – Training Gaps Analysis - 2007 [pdf]

APA's Professional Development Needs Assessment & Strategy - 2009 [pdf]

Évaluation des besoins de formation des membres des réseaux canadiens de diffusion francophone - 2005 [pdf] [French content]

Report on Professional Development Needs and Opportunities in the Performing Arts Touring Industry in Canada - 2002 [pdf]

Reference works

The Audience Development Guide's references [French content]

Competency Chart for Presenters - 2007 [pdf]

Competency Profile for Presenters - 2007 [pdf]

On the road - Presenters Handbook

La programmation artistique en un clin d’œil - 2002 [pdf] [French content]
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Studies on performing arts presentation

The Value of Presenting: A Study of Arts Presentation in Canada - 2011-2013

Etude sur les coût de la diffusion chez les diffuseurs pluridisciplinaires membres de RIDEAU - 2009 [pdf] [French content]

Other useful resources

Arts Consultants Canada/Consultants canadiens en arts (ACCA)

Culture Consultants

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