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*Programming (general)

Aging and the Arts | CAPACOA 2015
*Programming (general) Effective PD activity | Third-party proposal

It’s not just your audience that is getting older.  It’s the whole population that’s aging (including yogis, bikers, tweeps, and, yes, your audience too). We’ve known for a while that aging would eventually trend – it has been 60+ years since boomers were babies – but did society as whole and the arts sector in particular prepare for it? Aging presents a host of challenges, but it also comes with interesting opportunities from an arts and health perspective.

Boundless: How we can scale evolving artistic expression for niche markets | Strategic Moves 2017
*Programming (general) Effective PD activity

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of evolving artistic practices, inter-disciplinary work and how to find and expand markets for such offers from the perspective of the arts presenter.

Breaking the Fifth Wall: Digitizing the Performing Arts | CAPACOA 2015
*Programming (general) Training video

This workshop from the 2015 CAPACOA conference explores ways in which technology may evolve brand new practices in performing arts presentation (and distribution).

Building Engagement through Alternative Concert Formats | Orchestras Canada 2013
*Programming (general) Effective PD activity | Training video

Encounters, mini-concerts, pulses, wallcasts: this presentation summarizes New World Symphony’s exciting experience with the research and development of a range of new concert formats.

CPAMO Toolkit: Evidence-based Strategies to Promote Pluralism in the Arts | CPPAMO 2011
*Programming (general) Innovative approach

Arts organizations, in fact arts communities locally, provincially, nationally and world-wide, seem to have turned their attention to what is popularly called ‘diversity’ and, in particular, how to connect to people who are no longer ‘strangers in our midst’ but engaging leaders of artistic expression in contemporary culture.

The Ins and Outs of International Taxation | CAPACOA 2015
*Programming (general) Effective PD activity

Presentation on taxation of non-resident artists in Canada, including Regulation 105 and Regulation 102 Withholding, as well as T4 information returns and tax returns.

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