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Market analysis

Audiences, Markets and Motivations in the Performing Arts | CAPACOA 2012
Market analysis Effective PD activity | Training video

Webinar highlighting key information on performing arts audiences, marketing and motivations, with an emphasis on research findings that can be applied to audience and sponsor development.

Changing demographics and their effect on values, beliefs and attitudes toward performing arts presentation | CAPACOA 2012
Market analysis Effective PD activity | Training video

This webinar was presented as part of The Value of Presenting Study. It contains relevant data to inform marketing and audience development activities.

Data Convergence | CAPACOA 2015
Market analysis Effective PD activity

Bigger isn’t always better. Yet, when it comes to data, there’s something to be said about bringing together several data sources into a comprehensive database. But is it necessarily better? More data requires more time and capacity. At the same time, it can generate deeper insights and help inform decision-making. This panel from the 2015 CAPACOA Conference investigated different approaches to data convergence. It also illustrated how arts organizations may harness data to get to know their audiences and their community better.

GeoSearch | Statistics Canada / Statistique Canada 2013
Market analysis Publication

GeoSearch provides access to demographic data that arts organizations can use to learn more about their market.

Making better decisions: The Dos and Don’ts of Research in the Arts | Ontario Presents 2015
Market analysis Training video

This webinar will share essential information and practical examples of the dos and don’ts of conducting audience and marketing research in the arts.

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