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Audience Development and Loyalty Expert | Très-Arts 2017
Marketing Consultant

Denis has developed a practical approach to audience recruitment, engagement and retention. He shares his knowledge through conferences, workshops and on his blog. He makes use of his approach while working on strategies tailored to the needs of his clients.

Audience development: A roadmap to engaged audiences and vibrant communities | Strategic Moves 2015
Marketing Effective PD activity

In this session, Inga will guide participants through presentation, conversation and practical exercises toward their own roadmap of effective, contemporary audience development practices. Key concepts include how to create effective branding approaches in any size organization, defining target audiences, creating break-through marketing campaigns and building community-engaged partnerships.

Audiences, Markets and Motivations in the Performing Arts | CAPACOA 2012
Marketing Effective PD activity | Training video

Webinar highlighting key information on performing arts audiences, marketing and motivations, with an emphasis on research findings that can be applied to audience and sponsor development.

Boundless: How we can scale evolving artistic expression for niche markets | Strategic Moves 2017
Marketing Effective PD activity

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of evolving artistic practices, inter-disciplinary work and how to find and expand markets for such offers from the perspective of the arts presenter.

Cultural Tourism | Strategic Moves 2015
Marketing Effective PD activity

Cultural tourism has been identified as one of Canada’s greatest opportunities to grow bottom line results for the tourism industry and generate new economic benefits in communities large and small.

Digital Marketing eBook | Culture Days 2016
Marketing Publication

Comprehensive eBook by Liesl Barrell, published by Culture Days in support to a series of webinars.

Hanneke Marois-Ronken - Communications & Marketing Strategies Consultant | Stratège innovation culturelle - communication marketing 2016
Marketing Consultant

I devise creative, integrated communications and marketing strategies for clients which such as festivals and theatres. I target the best ways of raising their profile and optimizing their performance. Based on innovative approaches to engaging audiences and communities in a 2.0 world, the solutions are measurable and developed specifically for the performing arts ecology.

Integrated Web Presence: Growing and Evaluating Your Online Footprint | Strategic Moves 2015
Marketing Effective PD activity

In this hands-on, practical training session, participants will gain a clear understanding of the components of a fully integrated web presence, how they work together to grow their online footprint and, most important, grow their business.

Making better decisions: how to turn arts data into action | Strategic Moves 2014
Marketing Effective PD activity

In this intensive PD seminar, participants will learn and re-enforce arts research and data analysis skills that are crucial to sound decision-making in arts organizations.

Making better decisions: The Dos and Don’ts of Research in the Arts | Ontario Presents 2015
Marketing Training video

This webinar will share essential information and practical examples of the dos and don’ts of conducting audience and marketing research in the arts.

More than age: Understanding your changing demographics | Strategic Moves 2015
Marketing Effective PD activity

Inga will give a presentation on the demographic dimensions of attendance and attendance measurement of live performances. She will expand beyond age, to consider life stage and generation in how arts organizations can understand their own markets and evolve effective strategies to serve a much wider range of audiences.

NEW Online UBC Course: Cultural Tourism – An Asset-Based Economic Development Strategy | UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development 2017
Marketing Curriculum-based e-learning

The international University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Cultural Planning and Development is now offering a new CPD course: "Cultural Tourism: An Asset-based Economic Development Strategy(Oct 2 – Dec 3, 2017) delivered 100% online.

The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada | CAPACOA 2013
Marketing Publication

Landmark report with useful information on attendance of the performing arts and on the benefits it provides to Canadians and their communities.

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