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Management and administration


Being the Change You Wish to See in the World | Canadian Arts Coalition / Coalition canadienne des arts 2011
Advocacy Effective PD activity | Publication | Third-party proposal

A workshop for local arts organization who don't yet know that they want to engage in political and advocacy activities.

Key Players and Processes at the Federal Level | CAPACOA 2010
Advocacy Effective PD activity | Third-party proposal

This cultural policy workshop is designed to inform participants about how public policy is developed at the federal level and about the opportunities of influencing decision-makers. During this two hour session, participants will develop an understanding of the key players and processes within the federal government and will identify effective ways to become involved with them.

Performing Arts Statistics | CAPACOA 2014
Advocacy Other

This page presents short excerpts of relevant and recent performing arts research. The exercpts are organized by category and are written in concise format that lends itself to insertion in advocacy documents or sharing on social media.

The Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada | CAPACOA 2013
Advocacy Publication

Landmark report with useful information on attendance of the performing arts and on the benefits it provides to Canadians and their communities.

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