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20 Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should Ask about Governance | Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants / Institut canadien des comptables agréés 2013
Governance Publication

This booklet identifies and briefly discusses the key areas of governance in a not-for-profit organization and the responsibilities of the directors. It is part of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants' Not-for-Profit Directors Series, which includes several other useful resources.

Working for a Non-Profit Board: Tips and Tools for Cultural Managers | CHRC/CRHSC 2013
Governance Publication

This HR tool offers helpful tips and useful resources to bring new perspectives and approaches to Cultural Managers. Some managers with extensive experience in the sector or those who work for large and very complex organizations may find the extensive bibliography a useful resource. Less experienced managers may wish to use this toolkit to address one challenge at a time.

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