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*Management and administration (general)

Contract Negotiations | Ontario Presents 2015
*Management and administration (general) Training video

The ability to negotiate is a critical skill for presenters and successful negotiating is one part art and one part science. By demonstrating the basic elements of negotiations and how to apply them artfully and fairly in contract negotiations, this webinar will improve participants’ chances of a good outcome for all parties to the negotiation.

Thinking : Business | Strategic Moves 2017
*Management and administration (general) Consultant

Our work thrives on the crossroads of research, strategy and marketing / audience development. Since founding Strategic Moves in 2007, Inga Petri has made sustained contributions to audience development in various arts organizations. She led the Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada from 2011 to 2013.

Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à Patrimoine canadien et au Secrétaire aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes du Québec

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