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General competencies

*General competencies (general)

art consultant | mARTine consultante en art 2013
*General competencies (general) Other

assistant for international and local expositions
finding buyers for painting and art pieces
finding new clients

Audience Development and Loyalty Expert | Très-Arts 2017
*General competencies (general) Consultant

Denis has developed a practical approach to audience recruitment, engagement and retention. He shares his knowledge through conferences, workshops and on his blog. He makes use of his approach while working on strategies tailored to the needs of his clients.

NEW Online UBC Course: Cultural Tourism – An Asset-Based Economic Development Strategy | UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development 2017
*General competencies (general) Curriculum-based e-learning

The international University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Cultural Planning and Development is now offering a new CPD course: "Cultural Tourism: An Asset-based Economic Development Strategy(Oct 2 – Dec 3, 2017) delivered 100% online.

The Culture of Curiosity | CAPACOA 2014
*General competencies (general) Effective PD activity

Andrew Taylor delivered a fascinating keynote at the CAPACOA conference. He zeroed in on the theme "Culture of Curiosity" and skillfully addressed it with definitions, but also with considerations as to how curiosity may be used in marketing and in management.

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