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Interpersonal skills

Audience Development and Loyalty Expert | Très-Arts 2017
Interpersonal skills Consultant

Denis has developed a practical approach to audience recruitment, engagement and retention. He shares his knowledge through conferences, workshops and on his blog. He makes use of his approach while working on strategies tailored to the needs of his clients.

Driving individual and team work | Laurence Orillard, Développement des talents et des organisations 2015
Interpersonal skills Third-party proposal

Participants will design the principles and values, on which they will build healthy, individual and team work relationships;
they will share and assess their current management practices;
They will be introduced with models and tools designed to enhance their management abilities;
they will learn how to use reflection and communication techniques, to answer specific needs in various situations

Mentor Training Program | CAPACOA 2015
Interpersonal skills Publication

CAPACOA, in partnership with WorkInCulture and the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), and in consultation with Louise Poulin, has developed a curriculum for mentor training.

Tips on Leading and Contributing to Meetings | CCCO 2008
Interpersonal skills Publication

As cultural managers, you’re always busy planning, preparing for and running meetings with your own staff, with other members of the organization or the sector, or simply contributing to other people’s meetings.

This guide looks at your role as a meeting leader and as a meeting participant.

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