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Resources - General resources on presenting

General resources on presenting


Aboriginal Presenters Handbook: Music Events, A guide to bringing music to your community | Ontario Arts Council 2012
Fundamentals Publication

A practical resource guide for Aboriginal presenters who wish to put on music events in their communities.

Breaking the Fifth Wall: Digitizing the Performing Arts | CAPACOA 2015
Fundamentals Training video

This workshop from the 2015 CAPACOA conference explores ways in which technology may evolve brand new practices in performing arts presentation (and distribution).

Holistic initiative or practice

Evaluation Model for the Social Practices of Festivals and Events | Festivals et événements Québec 2014
Holistic initiative or practice Innovative approach

This is a standardized tool for the evaluation, promotion and improvement of social practices in the festivals and events industry. It measures 12 social issues with 66 indicators.

La danse sur les routes | La danse sur les routes du Québec 2010
Holistic initiative or practice Innovative approach

A meeting place for dance presenters, producers and creators, La Danse Sur Les Routes du Québec supports the improvement and expansion of dance presentations. What makes La Danse Sur Les Routes (DSR) stand out, is the support provided to presenters and companies to help them achieve their role in this project — support that is firmly grounded in the reality of regional presenters.

Teatricus | The show business' toolbox | Teatricus 2011
Holistic initiative or practice Other

Self-service tools made by and for art and culture professionals.

Teatricus is a network that is dedicated to bringing arts professionals together and equipping them with tools they need. Teatricus offers these tools in order to facilitate the workload for all artists in visual and performance arts as well as in the areas of audiovisual, film and television.

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