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Resources - General competencies

General competencies

Crisis management

Integrated Audience Development | Très-Arts 2017
Crisis management Consultant

Workshop on how to reach, increase and managearts patrons, as well as ensure their loyalty.

Interpersonal skills

Tips on Leading and Contributing to Meetings | CCCO 2008
Interpersonal skills Publication

As cultural managers, you’re always busy planning, preparing for and running meetings with your own staff, with other members of the organization or the sector, or simply contributing to other people’s meetings.

This guide looks at your role as a meeting leader and as a meeting participant.


Leadership and Building Your Team | Cultural Careers Council Ontario 2007
Leadership Publication

There has always been a great deal of debate about what makes an effective leader, in the cultural or any other sector. But we would fail if we tried to define a single set of qualities that would fit all leaders: some are admirable, some can be very unpleasant. Leadership can also depend on the situation: some managers are effective during a crisis but not when there are routine jobs to be done.


A Time of Convergence: New Practices for a New Era in the Arts | CAPACOA 2015
Partnerships Effective PD activity | Training video

Provocative keynote by Richard Evans at the 2015 CAPACOA Conference. This keynote was followed by a hands-on plenary session.

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