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Human resources

*Human resources (general)

Benefits and Retirement | CHRC/CRHSC 2010
*Human resources (general) Publication

In the general workplace, employee benefits play an increasingly important role in the lives of employees and their families, and can have a significant financial and administrative impact on an organization. Providing a company benefits plan for employees shows a caring attitude about their financial security, well-being and peace of mind.

Working for a Non-Profit Board: Tips and Tools for Cultural Managers | CHRC/CRHSC 2013
*Human resources (general) Publication

This HR tool offers helpful tips and useful resources to bring new perspectives and approaches to Cultural Managers. Some managers with extensive experience in the sector or those who work for large and very complex organizations may find the extensive bibliography a useful resource. Less experienced managers may wish to use this toolkit to address one challenge at a time.

Human resources management

Delegation of Tasks and Projects | Cultural Careers Council Ontario 2008
Human resources management Publication

A major challenge for most cultural managers is having too much to do and insufficient resources to get everything done properly. Is there an opportunity here for a manager to free up time for more senior-management related activities and, at the same time, increase the contribution and job satisfaction of employees?

The answer is a resounding yes – through effective delegation.

Driving individual and team work | Laurence Orillard, Développement des talents et des organisations 2015
Human resources management Third-party proposal

Participants will design the principles and values, on which they will build healthy, individual and team work relationships;
they will share and assess their current management practices;
They will be introduced with models and tools designed to enhance their management abilities;
they will learn how to use reflection and communication techniques, to answer specific needs in various situations

Motivating People | Cultural Careers Council Ontario 2007
Human resources management Publication

One of the most important and common concerns of cultural managers is employee motivation, particularly in environments where significant financial reward is not an option, and where their staff is being over-stretched at work.

Theatre Health & Safety Workshop | Sellery Health + Safety 2015
Human resources management Third-party proposal

Many smart, capable theatre practitioners feel that they are not completely on top of health and safety issues given competing demands for both time and resources; however, an investment in health and safety can pay off in protecting both people and productions.

Mentoring and succession planning

Mentor Training Program | CAPACOA 2015
Mentoring and succession planning Publication

CAPACOA, in partnership with WorkInCulture and the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), and in consultation with Louise Poulin, has developed a curriculum for mentor training.

The Succession Plan | CAPACOA 2011
Mentoring and succession planning Innovative approach

The Succession Plan is a mentorship and peer network development program. It reaches out to emerging and mid-career presenters, agents, managers and other arts professionals, seeking to strengthen core competencies, provide leadership development and equip them with the tools and resources necessary to be active participants in the development of arts and culture in their community.

Volunteer training

Adopting the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement: Harbourfront Centre Case Study | Harbourfront Centre 2015
Volunteer training Best practice

This case study is intended to provi de an example of how one organization reviewed the Code for Volunteer Involvement, and set forth a thorough review of each of the organizational standards.

Helping Arts Organizations Thrive | Sandra Thomson Development Consultant 2017
Volunteer training Consultant

I'm available as a resource to you, your staff and your board as someone who has lived the presenting life for the past 40 years.

Volunteer Canada | Volunteer Canada / Bénévoles Canada 2015
Volunteer training Publication

Volunteer Canada's website provides access to a full spectrum of volunteer theory and practice resources.

Volunteer Engagement Series - 3 “R’s” - Recruitment, Retention and Recognition | Ontario Presents 2015
Volunteer training Training video

This series of webinars has been designed for the learner who wants to know some best practices, some tips and some strategies for the three “R’s” - Recruitment, Retention and Recognition.

Volunteer Recruitment | Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) 2013
Volunteer training Effective PD activity

These presentations address how to approach recruiting volunteers from diverse communities in ways that are open, inclusive, respectful and understanding of their cultural backgrounds.

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