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Deepening Sense of Belonging Through Arts and Culture


Already presented: Creative City Summit (Surrey, BC) and Symposium on Performing Arts in Rural Communities (Haliburton, ON)
Attendance: 55
Trainers: Frédéric Julien and Dominique O'Rourke


Brief description

Presentation and interactive dialogue on the connections between arts, culture and sense of belonging.

Detailed description

What is belonging? And how does it relate to arts and culture? During this session participants will be given the opportunity to delve into the preliminary findings of a unique exploration of Arts, Culture and Sense of Belonging. Using a mix of data, case studies and dialogue, participants will gain an understanding of how arts and culture programs can enhance the sense of belonging to a place, a neighbourhood, a community. More importantly, participants will also generate actionable insights to deepen the sense of belonging in their own community.

This action research project is led by Community Foundations of Canada and the Canadian Arts Presenting Association, as part of the national Vital Signs program.

Participants transfer knowledge into action at the Creative City SummitDominique O'Rourke introducing the notion of belonging at the Symposium on Performing Arts in Rural Communities

Target audience

Arts organizations, municipalities, community health organizations

Form of delivery


Length of program

60-90 minutes

Client evaluation

"Congrats to Frederic for his great presentation on sense of belonging - great stats!"


Presentation at the Creative City Summit
Presentation at the Symposium on Performing Arts in Rural Communities

2016 National Vital Signs Report: Social participation and belonging

Statistics Canada CANSIM table, with data on sense of belonging at the national, provincial, and regional level.

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Frédéric Julien / CAPACOA
200-17, York
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9J6 / Canada

613 562-3515

Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à Patrimoine canadien et au Secrétaire aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes du Québec

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