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Boundless: How we can scale evolving artistic expression for niche markets


Already presented: November 2015, Yarmouth, NS


Brief description

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of evolving artistic practices, inter-disciplinary work and how to find and expand markets for such offers from the perspective of the arts presenter.

Detailed description

Inga will explore how to move from idea to market-readiness using product development life cycle thinking and deep insights into the purchase decision making process audiences undergo. She will outline how we can lead audiences to new forms of artistic expression, using proven methods from the technology field.

Target audience

presenters, marketing, communications, board of directors, programmers, artistic directors

Form of delivery

Workshop Roundtable Keynote Plenary

Length of program

1 hour to 1 day

Prerequisites for students and assistance



Atlantic Presenters Association
Music Nova Scotia 

Resource published by

Inga Petri / Strategic Moves
458 McLeod St
Ottawa (Ontario) K1R 5P6 / Canada

613 558-8433

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