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Breaking the Fifth Wall: Digitizing the Performing Arts


Already presented: January 2015, Halifax
Trainer: Inga Petri, Strategic Moves
Presenter: CAPACOA


Brief description

This workshop from the 2015 CAPACOA conference explores ways in which technology may evolve brand new practices in performing arts presentation (and distribution).

Detailed description

Technology has been creating dramatically different opportunities for enjoying digitized performing arts experiences. This session explores ways in which webcasting, mobile technologies and near-future digital evolution are being harnessed by presenters and artists to evolve new models of arts presentation. It considers how these new capabilities could be turned into a distribution network for the performing arts. It also tackles challenging questions around the current and future business model of performing arts presentation.

Inga Petri
Inga Petri is a seasoned researcher, strategist and marketer with more than 20 years’ experience in arts and culture and diverse sectors from high tech to municipalities. She led the Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada and regularly presents at conferences and gives workshops across Canada.

Target audience

Performing arts organizations

Form of delivery


Length of program

90 minutes


Webinar presentation

Resource published by

Frédéric Julien / CAPACOA
200-17, York
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9J6 / Canada

613 562-3515

Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à Patrimoine canadien et au Secrétaire aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes du Québec

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