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Contract Negotiations


Presented in December 2014, by Lucy White


Brief description

The ability to negotiate is a critical skill for presenters and successful negotiating is one part art and one part science. By demonstrating the basic elements of negotiations and how to apply them artfully and fairly in contract negotiations, this webinar will improve participants’ chances of a good outcome for all parties to the negotiation.

Detailed description

The webinar includes:

  • Negotiation basics
  • Getting from initial conversations, through the offer to execution of the contract
  • Whose contract to use and why
  • When the agent, artist and presenter are NOT on the same wavelength – extras, disputes, breaches, rights and remedies
  • Q&A

Target audience

Presenting Organizations

Form of delivery


Length of program

1 hour

Client evaluation

"When volunteers are doing this type of work, this type of educational experience is very helpful and worthwhile!!" Patti Kinghonr, THEOP (Deep River)


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