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Making better decisions: The Dos and Don’ts of Research in the Arts


Presented in: November 2014
Trainer: Inga Petri


Brief description

This webinar will share essential information and practical examples of the dos and don’ts of conducting audience and marketing research in the arts.

Detailed description

During this webinar participants are guided through a typical arts research project in order to better understand:

  • The building blocks of an effective and efficient research process
  • When and how to use surveys, focus groups, customer data analysis and secondary research sources to aid better decision-making
  • Specifying and recruiting research participants
  • Learn to avoid common pitfalls in questionnaire design, from using effective rating scales to collecting useful demographic information
  • Privacy (PIPEDA, CASL) and ethical considerations in marketing research with Canadians.
Using real world scenarios, participants will better understand how they and their organizations can use audience research and data analysis in decision-making, from season planning to effective marketing campaigns, from pricing strategies to patron satisfaction.

Target audience

Presenting Organizations

Form of delivery


Length of program

1 hours

Client evaluation

"It was really important to be reminded that marketing research must begin with identifying a marketing problem. The attention to biases was also extremely relevant." Frederic Julien, CAPACOA


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