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Making Meaningful Connections: Characteristics of Arts Groups that Engage New and Diverse Participants



Brief description

This research shares the attributes of organizations that successfully invite, reach, and meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Detailed description

"Successfully creating meaningful and sustainable relationships with diverse participants is not unlike making new friends. It takes intention, curiosity, flexibility and time. It also takes realizing that we can’t make new friends without being changed by the experience."

This report finds that Organizations that are successfully engaging diverse participants have made an explicit, sustained and organization-wide commitment to change, regardless of whether special grant funding is available. This commitment manifests itself in ways that both cut across the entire organization, and are expressed in specific components of their work. These include:

  • Mission
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Competence
This research also points to eight recognizable, definable attributes present across these organizations---attributes that are widely transferable and applicable in other organizations.


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James Irvine Foundation / Helicon

Frédéric Julien / CAPACOA
200-17, York
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9J6 / Canada

613 562-3515

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