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Leadership and Building Your Team



Brief description

There has always been a great deal of debate about what makes an effective leader, in the cultural or any other sector. But we would fail if we tried to define a single set of qualities that would fit all leaders: some are admirable, some can be very unpleasant. Leadership can also depend on the situation: some managers are effective during a crisis but not when there are routine jobs to be done.

Detailed description


Styles of Leadership
Your Leadership Style
Your Influence
Effective Leadership
Your Own Leadership Checklist
Making Decisions
Developing a Team Outlook
Building a Team Outlook
Handling Changes
Managing Team Members
Taking on A New Leadership Role
DONT’s and DO’s
Overcoming Problems

This module is one of several human resources management guides developed for the cultural sector as part of Cultural Career Council Ontario’s “Work in Culture: HR Spotlight” project. It is part of a continuing series of HR management tools available and in circulation throughout the cultural sector.


Leadership and Building Your Team, CCCO, 2007

Resource published by

Cultural Careers Council Ontario

Michael Lechassseur / CHRC/CRHSC
608 - 151 Slater St.
Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 5H3 / Canada

613 562-1535 #31

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